Really ELLE? Really Cosmopolitain? #MigrainePose? Really? You want to feature a recently coined modelling “trend” and show me a bunch of impossibly beautiful, impeccably symmetrical, totally neutral glowed up faces pouting gracefully and reference migraine? Really? This would be funny if it were making fun of every unrealistic photo shoot for a snake oil migraine […]

Dear Big Pharma, You have caught on to the fact that health advocates are one of your most important resources. This is smart. We are indeed the ones who have the thumb on the pulse of patients’ unmet needs. We know what sort of tone they will appreciate and what will turn them off. We […]

Because a migraine attack is such a solitary experience by necessity, because it is so very hard to explain in words, because it can seemingly take over our entire being, and because it is invisible, it can be such an isolating force. Reading about other people’s experiences helps me. Having knowledgeable and caring doctors acknowledge […]

Hi there, Remember when I created a survey for people with chronic pain and their partners to compile data and anecdotal information about the pain-related things that can help or hinder our close relationships? Me either, barely. That was a long time ago and once I received the data I had no idea what to do […]

***This post is not directed at any one person as the p.o.v. might imply, but rather sums up my feelings about so many conversations, spoken and not, imagined and not, that happen between people with chronic incurable illness and their loved ones.*** It’s hard to accept that an illness will be chronic, ongoing, and that only […]

For the last two weeks I have spent more time at my new home in Peterborough than I have in Toronto, and I can already feel some of the tension melting out of my shoulder blades. The migraines are still frequent, but being in pain poolside, in a quiet, scent-free, tree-surrounded oasis is a best […]

When the American Migraine Foundation and American Headache Society launched their “Migraine Moment” film contest, I thought, hey I’m artsy and I’ve got a bucketload to say about living with migraine…I should make a video. I wanted to convey the isolation and endless optimism that migraine demands, so I wrote a song and dreamed up […]